Appointments & Sales Calls

These appointment-based calls combine entertainment, corporate, production, small group & leisure presentations, and sales calls at the client office. This is always convenient for the client!

Putting our best foot forward

Thank you Valerie Wilson!  NYC Sales Presentation 2017

Thank you Valerie Wilson!  NYC Sales Presentation 2017

-  Held in collaboration with the trade show, panel discussion and sales workshops.

-  Always held during the first two days of the trade show week in the host city, the presentations preempt the trade show and esteemed panel discussion.

-  Our Team schedules and confirms hard to get appointments in the host city for travel related buyer companies.

-  Your Registration Fees cover this cost - Just mark the correct box and pay ahead!

-  Board Room style presentations for you and your team of 5 persons are the rule.  

-  The Team Leader for each sales team has years of marketplace experience with conducting sales calls & presentations, ensuring professionalism and networking beyond the expectation.

-  Catered Presentations are included with the big accounts during meal times.