Our Goal is to bring qualified and refreshing industry events for independents, luxury brands & lifestyle travel companies, plus our favorite big brands in the marketplace to the Corporate Travel Buyer, Travel Agent, High Touch Leisure Agent, and specialized Meeting Planner.

The Purpose is to mix, mingle, and reconnect with long-established client relationships, meet new clients, and explore opportunities during this Three-Day Event.  We are honored to host these events for the corporate travel world and couldn’t do this without our wonderful Exhibitors, Sponsors, and our valued Clients!

Travel Industry Trade Shows Worthy of two of the Greatest Cities on Earth!


For the past 19 years we have been presenting the best hotels, airlines, transportation, and travel services to the travel industry in Los Angeles. The last LA Trade Show took place March 15, 2016 at CAVATINA Restaurant & Spa Garden, at the Sunset Marquis, West Hollywood, CA. Registration is now open for 2017 - Stay tuned for more info!

New York has always been our second home. We have been hosting trade shows and calling on top agencies for as long as we have been in the business. The 2016 NYC Trade Show took place on Wednesday, October 5th at 230 Fifth. Thanks to all who participated! Photos coming soon...